Android build problems with Build-tools 19.0.0

I get the following exception while trying to build my Android project after the latest update:

The version of the Android SDK Tools was "22.3.0"
And the version of the Build-tools was "19.0.0"

In combination with these two version I was just not able to get my build up and running. I've found a lot of suggestions on the web. For example that the min sdk version and the target sdk version in your file must match. None of the suggested solutions worked for me. So I tried my own:

android update sdk -a -u -s -t build-tools-18.1.1

This installs the old and working version of the build tools.

Edit and add the line:


I hope this also "fixes" it for you (even though I would not call a downgrade a fix for a problem...).


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