Unreal 4 + CMake

I recently created some pull requests for the Unreal Engine 4 to get better CMake support in. The reason was to get Eclipse CDT4 and CLion up and running for full UE4 support. With this pull request the generated CMakeLists.txt can be used to generate project files via cmake.

In addition to the above mentioned pull request I've also created two more to allow to directly open files from the Unreal Engine 4 Editor in your Eclipse CDT4 or CLion IDE

Eclipse CDT4: here
CLion: here

You can also just use the pull requests and compile the plugins manually:

Apply the patch or copy the files to Engine/Plugins/Developer in your UnrealEngine directory. Now just rebuild the engine (resp. the plugin). Now you can activate your editor plugin in the file Engine/Config/Linux/LinuxEngine.ini
(Keep in mind that Linux in that filepath might change to whatever OS you are using)

In order to be able to find eclipse, the plugin checks whether there is /usr/bin/eclipse. It will also search in the path specified in the environment variable  UE4_ECLIPSE_BINARY. Let it point to the full path to the eclipse binary.
This plugin should work on Linux, Win32, Win64 and Mac.

Even if this example was for the eclipse plugin, the same applies to the CLion plugin, too.


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