CaveExpress for SteamLink

This time I am writing about the SteamLink SDK and the port of CaveExpress to this device (armv7a).

I've created a CMake toolchain file for better integration into my build system.

You need to setup the SDK, import the script from the SteamLink SDK and run ./contrib/scripts/ inside the CaveExpress git clone directory.

You now have to activate ssh access on your SteamLink device by plugging in an usb drive with the non-empty file enable_ssh.txt in the directory /steamlink/config/system/ on the usb drive. Now just restart the device and ssh onto it with root:steamlink123 (see here).

Now you can scp the caveexpress binary and the base/caveexpress folder onto the device and start it via ssh after exporting the DISPLAY env var.

The next firmware of the device should allow to execute it from the gui.

Now that the official SDK is released - some small things have changed. You can now automatically install apps in the UI and so on. Check out the readme that is included in the sdk.


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