Current status of my voxel engine


I've been quite busy with building tools and visual tests for the voxel engine. There are for example visual tests for the camera and the octree. But most of my time went into tools. Here are some screenshots of them.

Noise tool. This tools allows you to combine several noise types to be able to get direct feedback It can either generate a 2d heightmap or the 3d voxel volume on-the-fly.
Noise tool. There is a second noise tool to generate graphs and 2d heightmaps of several different pre defined noise types from the engine.

Voxedit. This cute voxel editor is nothing compared to its big brothers Qubicle or MagicVoxel - but it can import from those and supports a lot of the in-game procedural generation. I hope to add a sprite system to it and use it for fast character modeling for the game later on.

Example of the tree generator in the voxel editor.


A lot of stuff happened in this area, too. And just like above: Pictures might say more than 1000 words. Most of the time also went into the procedural generation of clouds and trees - this if of course shared with the tools.

This is a quite old screenshot of the in-game terrain. Most of the work went into the tree and cloud generation - but I will soon start to focus on in-game terrain more and also hope to get the first animated character in soon.
There are also several subsystem available for the planned server infrastructure. I decided to use flatbuffers for protocol generation, and enet as network layer. Stuff like cooldowns, character attributes, point of interests, stock handling and AI are already in, too. For the AI I - of course - used SimpleAI with its remote debugging capabilities.

Procedurally generated tree with space colonization algorithm

Procedurally generated tree with space colonization algorithm


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